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My name is Jonathan Simos.

I am a Functional Athlete, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and speaker. Ever since I can remember, I have always been a dreamer, thinking of possibilities and imagining the day when I could better impact other’s lives.

Growing up, I could never seem to fit in, regardless of where I turned; this often led me to feel completely alone and frustrated. I was not a good student, and even found myself in a learning disabilities class throughout middle school, barely graduating high school due to my difficulties in math.

As I got older, I began a seemingly endless search, trying my hand at nearly every industry imaginable, searching for meaning and a sense of belonging. Eventually, after all of my experiences and much traveling, I was forced to look within and learned what I was searching for all along was simply within myself, inherently, the entire time.

I had an epiphany and realized that throughout my entire existence I was trying to conform, as society so readily encourages; yet we are all so innately different. We must not only embrace our differences, but it is our duty to discover ourselves on a fundamental level in order to make our highest level of contribution to the world.

I began my personal journey of self-discovery, and soon everything began to slowly unfold. Deciding to follow an entrepreneurial path, it wasn't easy; soon after, I found myself broke, in debt and calling my brother’s soft brown leather couch with a pothole on one side, my home. During our most difficult times, we often begin to find ourselves, and it truly was at rock bottom that I began to build a foundation true to myself.

I have found my passion in seeking to inspire others to believe in their own inherent abilities to begin their personal journey of success in a balanced, authentic and fulfilled life. Building a personal brand that emphasizes self-discovery and beginning this journey toward the lives we are meant to live, without any self-imposed limitations. Offering the guidance and resources to help individuals discover their inherent success and guide them to the lifestyle of their dreams.

I strive to do so as an athlete, entrepreneur and speaker:

-As a lifetime drug-free athlete, I seek to inspire symbolically by showcasing feats that demonstrate what we are capable of when we adopt a limitless mindset, motivating others to break away self-imposed limitations and live up to their truest potential. I firmly believe in showcasing Neuxist, a performance-oriented functional training program that contains deeper ideals of health, wellness and overall functionality for an efficient, healthy lifestyle.

-As a lifestyle entrepreneur, I offer guidance and resources within my blog that redefines success, along with an online course to help guide individuals down their path. Eventually, I will be launching consecutive ventures within this role.

-Through speaking publicly on my system of 10 areas of assessment that allow an easier transformation, seminars on various related topics, my upcoming books and one on one meetings.

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I now am so grateful for the hard times, as they really do shape us and help us discover who we are meant to be. Remember, your current circumstance or situation does not define you, but simply determines where you begin. With that being said, don’t ever stop believing in yourself and have the courage to take the first step; the world is waiting for your special gift: your highest level of contribution that only you can offer.


Jonathan Simos

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