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Master Trainer / World Record Holder


My name is Jonathan Simos, FMT, CES, CHP and other fun letters :). I am a master trainer and performance enhancement specialist with a certification in applied functional science from the Gray institute.

 As a lifetime drug-free, hybrid athlete I strive to push past conventional limitations to inspire others to break down self-imposed limits and live up to their truest potential.

At various competitions, I demonstrate Neuxist, my hybrid training system that empowers others with fitness education while promoting deeper ideals of health, wellness, and overall functionality.

"Maximize movements and manage energy systems."



To simplify exercise and help you make an easier transition into a

healthier lifestyle. 


Empowering you with fitness education, resources and holistic functional training. 

Encouraging deeper ideals of health, wellness and overall lifestyle change.

My Fitness Journey

​ I began my fitness journey at a young age and couldn't afford a personal trainer, so I learned through trial and error along with whatever resources that I could find.

I experimented with almost every training style, but even though I had good strength gains,  I eventually began to suffer a series of injuries and imbalances. These ranged from illiotibial band syndrome toseparated shoulders to lower crossed syndrome, plantar fasciitis, two broken noses (lol don't ask!) runner's knee, and the list goes on!


​​In an effort to self-correct my imbalances, I began pursuing additional knowledge and credentials within  the fitness industry and discovered a passion for empowering others with fitness education, providing them with the guidance I never had​ I have worked as a personal trainer with a wide range of clientele and in various group fitness settings. Throughout my time as a coach and trainer, I continued to refine my hybrid training style as I integrated this new knowledge with my experience.

As these imbalances were slowly corrected, my performance improved drastically and I began to jump into every type of competition I could find: obstacle course races, ninja warrior competitions, strongman events, and many others.

​I achieved substantial progress as I continued to adjust my technique over the years. My training style consists of a fitness foundation made up of seven components. The methodology involves maximizing movements while keeping energy systems as separate as possible 

for better recovery.

​When you train each component individually and then bring them together, it allows you to perform on a different level. Using this hybrid style of training, you can have power and endurance; strength and agility; skilled movement and functionality.

Most cross training workout styles blend resistance training and cardiovascular training to such a degree that every workout becomes more of a competition style format. This style simply burns you out in a session rather than offering long term progression, simply being "exercise", rather than training. Training requires a progressive focus, continuous adaptations to achieve progress in a systematic and quantifiable way.

I named my hybrid style Neuxist for its holistic nature. “Neu” represents the neurological, mental aspect of training, “x” is for cross training, and “ist” is short for exist;  representing a new, stronger way of being.

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