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As an entrepreneur I am working to launch each business venture that I have in cue. I have many, though I am focused on the first three lined up to be launched consecutively. 


Being an entrepreneur isn't an easy path. From the beginning, others don't understand and discourage your dream. Then you must begin a long journey as you constantly try to figure out the next step and remove the next bottleneck preventing growth. Oftentimes you must do this while working a full time job and managing other roles and responsibilities. It takes sacrifice and true commitment to get and keep the ball rolling. You learn to live outside your comfort zone as It is a constant cycle of challenges and evolution of growth.

While I work towards creating, establishing and scaling each company, I will share lessons that I learn along the way so you don't have to learn the hard way. I will provide insight and resources to help you along your journey. 

As a creative person, you must be true to yourself and set aside time to create in order to be happy and truly flourish. The beautiful struggle begins as you discover your talents and strive to create a path for your creative pursuits. You must work to figure out how to make a living from your endeavors and I will try my best to help you along your journey.


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