In my late twenties, I made the choice to pursue love and embrace the unknown, moving across the country with my girlfriend at the time who was a travel nurse. 

We lived in Los Angeles, Austin, and San Diego. It was a great experience. We explored often and took road trips every chance we could, driving across the United States multiple times, all throughout the West coast and more. Each trip was better than the last as we

streamlined our process. 

​I learned that there is a right way and a wrong way to take road trips. Over time, ​I began to systemize the road trip planning and packing process, created a series of simple steps for others to follow and made a list of rules and guidelines to ensure each trip was a life changing one.

​Throughout these trips we experienced many special moments and experiences, inspiring me to begin to build the How To Road Trip America brand to encourage others to take similar trips so that they could experience the same benefits and special moments with loved ones. 

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