As I have navigated through my entrepreneurial journey and carved out my own path, I have found a passion for inspiring others to believe in their inherent abilities and to pursue their dreams.

 As a drug-free athlete, I hope to inspire you to break down your self-imposed limitations and live up to your truest potential. I demonstrate my unique cross-training style, Neuxist, which is a performance-oriented functional program that empowers you with fitness education while promoting deeper ideals of health, wellness, and overall functionality.

As an entrepreneur, I seek to empower others through sharing knowledge and lessons I have learned while pursuing my dreams wholeheartedly.

As an author, I offer guidance on key subjects and experiences to help others along their journey. I recently published my first book,"How To Road Trip America; A Modern Guide for Your Epic America Adventures." 

-"The true definition of success is working toward becoming the man or woman you want to be while striving to make the necessary changes or advancements towards creating the lifestyle of your dreams."